Richard Rhodes MCGINTY Virgil Alexander GHEESLING Richard A. GHEESLING Allie GHEESLING Ida GHEESLING Ollie GHEESLING Betty GHEESLING Patrick Mel GHEESLING John B. GHEESLING Joel Terrell GHEESLING Burmer D. GHEESLING Horace GHEESLING Vernon A. GHEESLING Joel G. MCGINTY John E. MCGINTY Jasper Newton MCGINTY Cornelius Stephen MCGINTY Mary Ann Elizabeth MCCRARY Mini tree diagram

Nancy Elizabeth MCGINTY

19th Oct 1843 - 31st Aug 1926

Life History

19th Oct 1843

Born in Warren County,Ga.

Jan 1866

Birth of son Richard A. GHEESLING in Warren County, Norwood Ga.

Dec 1867

Birth of son Allie GHEESLING in Decator, Ga.

23rd Jan 1871

Birth of daughter Ida GHEESLING.

20th Jan 1873

Birth of daughter Ollie GHEESLING in Augusta, Richmond, Ga.

Oct 1874

Birth of daughter Betty GHEESLING.

Sep 1876

Birth of son Patrick Mel GHEESLING.

16th Aug 1878

Birth of son John B. GHEESLING.

Jul 1880

Birth of son Joel Terrell GHEESLING.

Mar 1882

Birth of son Burmer D. GHEESLING.

Apr 1884

Birth of son Horace GHEESLING.

23rd Sep 1886

Birth of son Vernon A. GHEESLING.

15th Sep 1904

Death of son John B. GHEESLING in Norwood City Cemetery,Ga,  Warren County.

Jun 1914

Death of son Horace GHEESLING.

11th Mar 1920

Death of daughter Ida GHEESLING in Norwood City Cemetery,Ga,  Warren County.

11th Apr 1923

Death of son Vernon A. GHEESLING in Norwood City Cemetery,Ga,  Warren County.

29th Jun 1923

Death of Virgil Alexander GHEESLING in Norwood City Cemetery,Ga,  Warren County.

31st Aug 1926

Died in Norwood,Ga.

Other facts


Married Virgil Alexander GHEESLING.

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