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William Augustus MCGINTY

2nd Jul 1809 - 17th Mar 1894

Life History

2nd Jul 1809

Born in Hancock Co. Ga..

1st Aug 1833

Married Lucretia ARNOLD in Hancock, GA.

25th Apr 1834

Birth of son John Robert MCGINTY.

5th Jun 1836

Birth of daughter Dau MCGINTY.

21st Sep 1837

Birth of son William Marion MCGINTY in Hancock, GA.

26th Jan 1840

Birth of son Thomas Jefferson MCGINTY.

13th May 1842

Birth of daughter Mary Ann Loretta Francis MCGINTY.

9th Jan 1844

Birth of daughter Cordelia Ann MCGINTY.

18th Sep 1845

Birth of son Christopher Columbus MCGINTY.

18th Sep 1845

Birth of son Samuel Americus MCGINTY.

13th Aug 1848

Birth of son Vespucius Jones MCGINTY.

13th Feb 1850

Birth of son Son MCGINTY.

14th Feb 1883

Death of Lucretia ARNOLD.

17th Mar 1894

Died in Texas.

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