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Richard Wilde MCGINTY

2nd Jul 1838 - 24th Jun 1918

Life History

2nd Jul 1838

Born in Monroe Co, Ga..

1st Mar 1866

Married Emily Mildred CLEMENTS in Monroe Co, Ga..

15th Dec 1866

Birth of daughter Leila Clyde MCGINTY in Monroe Co, Ga..

10th Jan 1869

Birth of daughter Lena Eula MCGINTY in Monroe Co, Ga..

6th Feb 1874

Birth of daughter Roberta Christine MCGINTY in Monroe Co, Ga..

13th Jun 1876

Death of daughter Roberta Christine MCGINTY.

13th May 1877

Birth of daughter Maude Ellan MCGINTY in Monroe Co, Ga..

11th Sep 1881

Birth of daughter Susie Irene MCGINTY in Monroe Co, Ga..

29th Mar 1885

Birth of daughter Anne Clifford MCGINTY in Monroe Co, Ga..

20th Feb 1904

Death of daughter Anne Clifford MCGINTY.

20th Jun 1905

Death of daughter Susie Irene MCGINTY.

24th Jun 1918

Died in Meansville, Pike, Ga.

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