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William Thomas MCGINTY

1844 - 1916

Life History



12th Feb 1868

Birth of daughter Millie Ellen MCGINTY.

30th Apr 1870

Birth of daughter Laura Emma MCGINTY.

Jan 1873

Birth of son Andrew S. MCGINTY.

15th Apr 1874

Birth of daughter S. F. C. MCGINTY.

16th Sep 1876

Birth of son Jonathan Grundy MCGINTY.

15th Apr 1878

Birth of son Felix Franklin Cleburne Columbus MCGINTY.

about 1881

Birth of daughter Ida Mae MCGINTY.

14th Apr 1882

Birth of son James A. MCGINTY.

14th Aug 1884

Birth of son Tennesee MCGINTY.

Nov 1885

Birth of son Theodore MCGINTY.

19th Nov 1887

Birth of daughter E. H. MCGINTY.

Nov 1890

Birth of daughter Goldie MCGINTY.

22nd Apr 1893

Birth of son Joseph H. MCGINTY.



Other facts


Married Louise TARKINGTON.

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